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New Technologies and senior citizens

technology and retired people

New Technologies and senior citizens

Home automation is part of our daily lives. Always in progress, this set of techniques allowing automation improves our quality of life. Comfort, security or even energy, these new technologies offer a large number of services. Today, home automation also watches over seniors, to their highest satisfaction. And it’s far from over!

Technology to conquer seniors

browsing the web on a tabletHome automation has taken place in senior citizens’ homes. It accompanies them on a daily basis through the automation of their equipment. It thus promotes their autonomy. Because what a senior or a senior can no longer physically do, technology can now do.

Thanks to high tech solutions, housing adapts to its occupants. From stair climbing to fall detection, from watering the garden to closing the shutters, integrated home automation meets all the needs of seniors. The installation of these new technologies not only gives them more autonomy but also reassures them and their families.

Service residences are increasingly interested in technology. Les Senioriales residences, for example, consult seniors to better understand their needs regarding new technologies. They are looking for the best home automation solutions to integrate into their homes.

It is how new generation senior residences are born. Equipped for vulnerable but independent residents, they offer ergonomically optimized housing. Cabins to check its constants (voltage, sugar level, etc.) or switch that cuts or restore water and electricity just listening to the voice of the occupant, new technologies provide new and robust solutions.

Tomorrow’s technologies will go even further

Connected objects are of great interest to seniors. These objects, capable of collecting information and transmitting it via the Internet to software, are the technologies of tomorrow.

Watches, bracelets, glasses or even clothing, seniors over 55 perceive them, depending on their use, as a support that can promote their well-being:

  • Maintaining and monitoring their health
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Remote assistance
  • Mobility assistance

However, many seniors do not yet know the use and benefits of everyday connected objects, whatever their type of home.

The place of technology in the housing of new retirees

Although some seniors are not yet at the cutting edge of new technologies, they are not unanimous. As for lifestyle, 45% of them would consider wearing a connected bracelet! If the purchase price can be a deal breaker, they are fully aware that remote assistance will become widespread over the years.

For 67% of seniors, state-of-the-art technology in a senior residence would even be an essential criterion for their choice. The possibility of making a call to family and friends via video conference, easy access to the animation schedule and simplified photo sharing would be at the top of their list of expectations.

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