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Keep Clean Environments in Aged Care Facilities with Steam Cleaners

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Keep Clean Environments in Aged Care Facilities with Steam Cleaners

In modern countries, there are structures where the elderly, often dependent, live in a community for long periods, often until they die. The rate of endemic infections is high, and the epidemic risk is permanent.

Infectious diseases are therefore a major problem in these geriatric institutions.

Community living, aging of the immune system, undernutrition, physiological aging and functional impairment, are well-known factors of bacterial and viral infections.

To provide quality care in a controlled environment that offers guarantees of visual and bacteriological cleanliness, it is necessary to:

  •  Avoiding the spread of germs in the environment
  •  Optimize the use of products and materials
  •  Knowing and mastering cleaning techniques
  •  Efficient use of materials and products

Maintenance of premises contributes to general hygiene by reducing the level of contamination of the environment, maintenance is one of the links in the chain of prevention of nosocomial infections.

cleaning in progress image

Nosocomial infections

A nosocomial infection is an infection contracted in a health facility.

An infection is called nosocomial or hospital if it is absent when the patient is admitted to the hospital, and it develops at least 48 hours after admission.

This delay distinguishes a community acquired infection from a nosocomial infection.

Those over 60 are almost twice as likely as younger patients. Women are more affected than men by urinary tract infections, which, of all sexes, lead the way in infections of this type.

To develop a nosocomial infection, three elements must be combined:

There are several favorable factors:

  • Lack of hygiene
  • Behavioral attitude of staff
  • Patient mobility

The primary measures to combat nosocomial infections are hygiene:

Hand hygiene: as often as possible, respecting the protocol of conventional washing or hygienic friction of the hands by the personnel, the users, and their entourage

 Cleaning and disinfection: premises, surfaces including contaminated areas (bathroom, place of life, points of contact, etc.)

aged care cleaning staff

The establishment of protocols: written and known by all the actors of hygiene


 Compliance with the cleaning protocols: for all premises

 Regular change (3-4 times per year) of surface disinfectants or the practice of alternation to avoid the phenomena of habituation of micro-organisms


There is a 100% eco-friendly way to get rid of mites: the steam cleaner!


Personally, I do not even understand that we continue to use toxic cleaning products, especially in public places, schools, crèches …

To be efficient, your steam cleaner must meet certain requirements (dry steam, heating to 70 ° …). It is not the case for “made in China” that is found on the market …

I have decided not to mention a brand, but since it is a question of public health, for those who are interested it is here!


A quick cleaning solution – Steam Cleaners


the use of commercial steam vaccum cleaners

Steam Cleaners are used more and more in aged care facilities!

The steam of a Balai Vapeur Pas Cher makes it possible to carry out cleaning operations subjected to a very tight timing. Steam cleaning ensures optimum decontamination on a large surface without effort.


Natural and ecological cleaning

Commercial steam cleaners allow to clean and disinfect all the surfaces according to the norms in force, without any chemistry. The natural disinfecting virtues of steam eliminate all bacteria and microbes.


An efficient and powerful steam engine


The steam heated to 120 ° C at the outlet of the hose nozzle, for a pressure of the order of 10 bars, removes most fatty substances and bacteria. In record time, the surface is removed from any pollution without any use of chemistry or disinfectant.

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