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Elders and Personal Computers

an elderly couple using a macintosh

Elders and Personal Computers

The Internet is becoming more and more widespread in our daily lives: a tool for communication, information, online shopping, online administration.

You also want to offer a senior, a computer, a Macintosh or a digital tablet to access the internet?

So follow our advice to guide you through this important step in choosing and purchasing material to learn the Internet as a senior and beginner!

retired people ordering products onlineTip: Do not please and treat yourself but think about the needs of the senior

Key ideas to keep in mind before buying to choose the most suitable support:

Begin by thinking carefully about the use that will be made of the equipment to choose a machine adapted to your needs: neither too powerful nor complex nor too limited.

Thinking medium / long term: what will be the possibilities of evolution of my support?

The user will progress, will his equipment always be adapted?

Ask yourself about the potential for personalization and adaptation of the support: depending on your future and current needs (e.g., vision disorder …) can you customize the appearance of the machine, are there any accessories compatible with the support?

Think collectively and strategically: what kind of support is most used in your surroundings? While there are many group lessons and help books for classical computers, this is less the case for specific mediums Seniors.

Elders also make us smile when they discover the use of a computer.

mammy struggling on her pcHere are a few fun facts that you might be able to relate to:

  • Of course, one must consider the fact that they spent the majority of their lives without using a Mac or a PC.
  • Which does not prevent us from laughing at some of their reactions with “the machine.”
  • What are seniors who use a computer recognized?
  • They respond to spam.
  • Anyone around them who can connect to a computer is considered an “expert.”
  • They believe that it is impossible to consult their emails when they are not at home.
  • After repeating for ten years “I do not need this Internet! If you want to join me, you just have to call me … “, they now spend hours in front of their screen.
  • If the cursor does not go where they want, the mouse will eat it all! Or the whole computer!
  • When they discover “humorous” images on the web, they become uncontrollable!
  • They print their “important” messages.
  • When a document is minimized at the bottom of the screen, they believe it has disappeared.
  • They panic when opening a pop-up believing it to be an invasion of any computer virus.

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