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Specific advice for the elderly for better quality sleep

Sleep And Ageing

Specific advice for the elderly for better quality sleep

This article will help you find more on how to sleep well if you are 60 yo and more:

Keep your biological clock well adjusted:

If sleeping comes too early in the evening, practice an “awakening” activity at night to delay sleep, expose yourself to light all day.

If sleep comes too late in the evening, reduce all “awakening” activities from 9 pm to ease your sleep, do not expose yourself to evening light, and exercise during the day.

Go to bed and get up at regular times.

Avoiding harmful attitudes towards sleep:

Avoid sleeping during the day except for a short nap of 20 minutes maximum in the early afternoon;

Avoid overeating at night.

Too much eating increases the digestion and its duration. During the digestion process your body works much more which delays sleeping time;

Avoid drinking too much liquid in the evening.

The risk is to be awakened at night for a need to urinate: your kidneys work at night and day, but the bladder is less distended as it ages and loses volume.

Adopting a positive attitude favoring sleep:

Staying in bed only the time required for sleep. In case of prolonged awakenings of more than 20 to 25 minutes without falling asleep, it is better to get up and have a relaxing activity;

Think about the environment of your room and the quality of your bedding equipment.

Noise, high temperature or too cold, light are all parameters to take into account to create an environment conducive to sleep. Also pay attention to your bedding: too old or too hard, it may accentuate your pain and wake you frequently.

Hope you appreciate the following pointers!

Watch this video to find more:

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