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We are your source for DIY ideas and home improvement projects that will make your retirement years all the better.

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Meeting New People

No matter your age, the need for meaningful companionship remains a basic human need.

Communicating with your Loved Ones

We are now living in an age where we have gone beyond the simple phone call.

Becoming Healthy and Fit

Physical fitness is an important aspect of living a healthy life. Luckily, there are now different applications coming in the form wearable gadgets that can help guide and monitor your progress.

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bored and nap while fishing

What to do when you’re bored as a senior

There’s no age to get bored. Everyone has the right to find a long time without a well-defined activity or occupation, even more so when you retire. So to give you some ideas of things to do, Panda has put together many original activities and occupations to do when you’re senior and bored.

Ideas for activities to do when you are senior

  • Improve your computer skills. It’s not complicated, and you will have access to the whole world, in many areas. Also, there are plenty of programs to discover, to write, on the photo, and above all, you will be able to communicate with your family and friends very quickly. A little tip to help you around here.
  • Starts a new musical instrument and practices every day.
  • Build a model ship or aircraft. It’s a quiet activity to do at home and will keep you busy for a while. Here are many models to make and build yourself.
  • Trim your nose and ear hairs; it’s messy.
  • Start a new sport. And yes, there is no age limit for games and it will keep you healthy.
  • Clean up your interior design. I know we like to keep all the trinkets for sentimental reasons, but make some room. You’ll be happy when it’s dusting, and it’ll keep your house airy. Use a balai vapeur if you need to steam clean the place and free it from bacterias!
  • Do a little cooking and make yourself a new dish. It’ll keep you busy for a little while, and you’ll eat well. For tips and recipe ideas it’s right here.
  • Take a tour of the public library to borrow books. If you don’t have inspiration, here are the best book sales of the moment!
  • Run your errands on Saturdays. Takes time in the week, during off-peak hours to be quieter.
  • Invite your neighbor or neighbor for tea. Chat and tell some amusing anecdotes.
  • Garden and take care of the flowers and plants in your garden to make it even more beautiful while keeping in shape!
  • Play many online games (Solitaire, coloring, puzzle, arrows, crosswords, sudoku)
  • Throw yourself into a beautiful puzzle, or a great embroidery. Once finished, you can display it in one of the rooms of your house.
  • Take dance lessons. Even if you already know how to dance, you will probably meet other people who are bored like you. Two or three is less boring.
  • Take advantage of your free time to go away for a few days and get out of your house. For example, you can visit family, old friends or even just visit the surroundings.


no age to be healthy

How To Be Healthier And Stronger In Old Age

Being old is something to be proud of, considering the blessing and a lot that you have seen in the world.
In this article you will find tips on how to remain strong and stay health, it gives you advice on how to be more contented and happier in life. If you are looking for these, then you are in the right place read and learn how to be happy and healthier in life.

Never confine yourself to the age stereotype

Do you enjoy doing something? Then go out and let it be done. If you have health issues, find a way on how to go around them, but you still do things that matter to you. Make sure that you mingle with a different type of people, but don’t restrict yourself to an individual in your age bracket. Never assume that your life is done, look ahead, plan for your future.

Ensure that you socialize with younger people who may share the same interest as you this is an interesting way of keeping in balance and avoiding being socially neglected.

Eat healthier foods

Fast foods are the real deal in the world today, but if you want to be healthy and vigorous, then you should avoid all junk foods and start eating leafy vegetables and fruits daily. It will make you feel happier and more energetic to go about your daily activities. Replace all the unhealthy foods in your store with things like fruits and vegetables, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot treat yourself once in a while.

Ensure that you also avoid processed foods. Put the following in your diet: grapes, papaya, apples, and watermelons. These fruits enrich your immune system, improve your eye vision and skin clarity.


It doesn’t matter what type of exercise that you are undertaking; it may be a quick jog, cardiovascular exercise, dancing in the room or aerobics. Any of these exercises will do you lots of justice leaving you happy, active and boosting your immunity.
Exercising daily may be a hard task mainly, we don’t have all the time in the world unless you are a gym instructor or athlete, but you should try and create time for these exercises, and it will surely make a huge difference in your life

an elderly couple using a macintosh

Elders and Personal Computers

The Internet is becoming more and more widespread in our daily lives: a tool for communication, information, online shopping, online administration.

You also want to offer a senior, a computer, a Macintosh or a digital tablet to access the internet?

So follow our advice to guide you through this important step in choosing and purchasing material to learn the Internet as a senior and beginner!

retired people ordering products onlineTip: Do not please and treat yourself but think about the needs of the senior

Key ideas to keep in mind before buying to choose the most suitable support:

Begin by thinking carefully about the use that will be made of the equipment to choose a machine adapted to your needs: neither too powerful nor complex nor too limited.

Thinking medium / long term: what will be the possibilities of evolution of my support?

The user will progress, will his equipment always be adapted?

Ask yourself about the potential for personalization and adaptation of the support: depending on your future and current needs (e.g., vision disorder …) can you customize the appearance of the machine, are there any accessories compatible with the support?

Think collectively and strategically: what kind of support is most used in your surroundings? While there are many group lessons and help books for classical computers, this is less the case for specific mediums Seniors.

Elders also make us smile when they discover the use of a computer.

mammy struggling on her pcHere are a few fun facts that you might be able to relate to:

  • Of course, one must consider the fact that they spent the majority of their lives without using a Mac or a PC.
  • Which does not prevent us from laughing at some of their reactions with “the machine.”
  • What are seniors who use a computer recognized?
  • They respond to spam.
  • Anyone around them who can connect to a computer is considered an “expert.”
  • They believe that it is impossible to consult their emails when they are not at home.
  • After repeating for ten years “I do not need this Internet! If you want to join me, you just have to call me … “, they now spend hours in front of their screen.
  • If the cursor does not go where they want, the mouse will eat it all! Or the whole computer!
  • When they discover “humorous” images on the web, they become uncontrollable!
  • They print their “important” messages.
  • When a document is minimized at the bottom of the screen, they believe it has disappeared.
  • They panic when opening a pop-up believing it to be an invasion of any computer virus.

Find tips online to Operate and Clean a Macintosh here

Tips to clean a Windows PC here

Sleep And Ageing

Specific advice for the elderly for better quality sleep

This article will help you find more on how to sleep well if you are 60 yo and more:

Keep your biological clock well adjusted:

If sleeping comes too early in the evening, practice an “awakening” activity at night to delay sleep, expose yourself to light all day.

If sleep comes too late in the evening, reduce all “awakening” activities from 9 pm to ease your sleep, do not expose yourself to evening light, and exercise during the day.

Go to bed and get up at regular times.

Avoiding harmful attitudes towards sleep:

Avoid sleeping during the day except for a short nap of 20 minutes maximum in the early afternoon;

Avoid overeating at night.

Too much eating increases the digestion and its duration. During the digestion process your body works much more which delays sleeping time;

Avoid drinking too much liquid in the evening.

The risk is to be awakened at night for a need to urinate: your kidneys work at night and day, but the bladder is less distended as it ages and loses volume.

Adopting a positive attitude favoring sleep:

Staying in bed only the time required for sleep. In case of prolonged awakenings of more than 20 to 25 minutes without falling asleep, it is better to get up and have a relaxing activity;

Think about the environment of your room and the quality of your bedding equipment.

Noise, high temperature or too cold, light are all parameters to take into account to create an environment conducive to sleep. Also pay attention to your bedding: too old or too hard, it may accentuate your pain and wake you frequently.

Hope you appreciate the following pointers!

Watch this video to find more:

services for retired elderly

Keep Clean Environments in Aged Care Facilities with Steam Cleaners

In modern countries, there are structures where the elderly, often dependent, live in a community for long periods, often until they die. The rate of endemic infections is high, and the epidemic risk is permanent.

Infectious diseases are therefore a major problem in these geriatric institutions.

Community living, aging of the immune system, undernutrition, physiological aging and functional impairment, are well-known factors of bacterial and viral infections.

To provide quality care in a controlled environment that offers guarantees of visual and bacteriological cleanliness, it is necessary to:

  •  Avoiding the spread of germs in the environment
  •  Optimize the use of products and materials
  •  Knowing and mastering cleaning techniques
  •  Efficient use of materials and products

Maintenance of premises contributes to general hygiene by reducing the level of contamination of the environment, maintenance is one of the links in the chain of prevention of nosocomial infections.

cleaning in progress image

Nosocomial infections

A nosocomial infection is an infection contracted in a health facility.

An infection is called nosocomial or hospital if it is absent when the patient is admitted to the hospital, and it develops at least 48 hours after admission.

This delay distinguishes a community acquired infection from a nosocomial infection.

Those over 60 are almost twice as likely as younger patients. Women are more affected than men by urinary tract infections, which, of all sexes, lead the way in infections of this type.

To develop a nosocomial infection, three elements must be combined:

There are several favorable factors:

  • Lack of hygiene
  • Behavioral attitude of staff
  • Patient mobility

The primary measures to combat nosocomial infections are hygiene:

Hand hygiene: as often as possible, respecting the protocol of conventional washing or hygienic friction of the hands by the personnel, the users, and their entourage

 Cleaning and disinfection: premises, surfaces including contaminated areas (bathroom, place of life, points of contact, etc.)

aged care cleaning staff

The establishment of protocols: written and known by all the actors of hygiene


 Compliance with the cleaning protocols: for all premises

 Regular change (3-4 times per year) of surface disinfectants or the practice of alternation to avoid the phenomena of habituation of micro-organisms


There is a 100% eco-friendly way to get rid of mites: the steam cleaner!


Personally, I do not even understand that we continue to use toxic cleaning products, especially in public places, schools, crèches …

To be efficient, your steam cleaner must meet certain requirements (dry steam, heating to 70 ° …). It is not the case for “made in China” that is found on the market …

I have decided not to mention a brand, but since it is a question of public health, for those who are interested it is here!


A quick cleaning solution – Steam Cleaners


the use of commercial steam vaccum cleaners

Steam Cleaners are used more and more in aged care facilities!

The steam of a Balai Vapeur Pas Cher makes it possible to carry out cleaning operations subjected to a very tight timing. Steam cleaning ensures optimum decontamination on a large surface without effort.


Natural and ecological cleaning

Commercial steam cleaners allow to clean and disinfect all the surfaces according to the norms in force, without any chemistry. The natural disinfecting virtues of steam eliminate all bacteria and microbes.


An efficient and powerful steam engine


The steam heated to 120 ° C at the outlet of the hose nozzle, for a pressure of the order of 10 bars, removes most fatty substances and bacteria. In record time, the surface is removed from any pollution without any use of chemistry or disinfectant. Visit this Google Site to know more !

How to Make your Home a Pleasant Place to Grow Old

Making your home as comfortable and as pleasant possible should be among your top priorities when you get to a certain age. After all, it is in our later years that different health issues arise. This article highlights some of the things you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

You need not worry though as the home improvement tips presented here are minor, for the most part.They are designed to be easy and not take up much of your time. Here are some tips on how you can make your home a pleasant place to grow old.


Improved Lighting

Good lighting is crucial to ensuring the safety and comfort of your home. A poorly lit room virtually guarantees an accident. Consider the natural flow of your house so that you can maximize your lighting options.

You need to make sure that there is adequate light in every hallway and room of your home. Entryways and stairways are especially dangerous if they are not lit well.For stairways, in particular, homeowners need to make sure that the steps are clearly visible top to bottom.

All of these are crucial if you want to avoid any untoward accidents.

Replacing Doorknobs

When making home improvements, you would do well to anticipate your needs before they even arise. For instance, most people may not realize, but turning a doorknob can become a painful task for one with arthritis and other similar conditions.You would be doing yourself a huge favor in the future if you could replace them with lever-style knobs which are much easier to use.

Using Anti-Slip Flooring

Homeowners should prioritize ensuring that their floors be made slip-resistant. As everyone knows, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to slippery surfaces as they can easily lose their balance.You can address this by putting nonskid mats under area rugs, or better yet getting rid of your area rugs altogether.
Ensuring Stair Safety

Of course, we recommend that everyone avoid going up and down the stairs often as it can get pretty dangerous for seniors. However, it would also be impractical to forego stairs altogether, especially if you live in a house with more than one level. If you cannot do away with the stairs, then you must ensure that you have handrails installed.

These are just a few of the small things you can do to make your home as pleasant as possible during your retirement years.

Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Enjoy

In the past, making improvements to your home may have seemed like such a time-consuming endeavor. Luckily, as we retire, time becomes a resource we have in abundance. With all that free time, you can now do that home improvement project that you have always postponed for one reason or another.

This article presents readers with a few ideas on what to do next. These projects are simple enough that anyone can do them.


Repainting the House

Giving your house a new paint job is perhaps the easiest ways to give it a fresh look and feel. After all, a different color scheme never fails to give an area a different atmosphere. The best thing about repainting is that it is simple enough that you can do it in any section of the house, be it in the master bedroom, the bathroom or the house exteriors. You just need to make sure that you pick colors that go together well.


Organizing and Converting the Garage

Most garages are disorganized and downright messy. This is because most people use it as the area to dump all the stuff they no longer use. This is a shame since the disarray is essentially a waste of space that could have been put to better use.

One idea is to make use of a permanent organizational scheme for your garage. You can do this easily enough by diving the garage into different sections. You can assign a designated place for all of your yard equipment, your outdoor and sports gear, and your tools. Any organizational scheme is better than putting your stuff into random boxes scattered all over.

Of course, for some homeowners, simple reorganization simply won’t cut it. If you want to challenge yourself, then consider converting that garage into something else that caters to your interests. For instance, some retirees have taken up home brewing and have converted their garage into their personalbrewery. In other cases, retirees turned their garage into a personal museum so that they can better show off their various collections. The possibilities are endless.

Changing the Lighting Scheme

More often than not, people ignore the importance of lighting. Your choice of lighting fixtures greatly affects the overall look and theme of your house. Whether you want to go for a contemporary or a modern aesthetic, then you have to make sure that all your pieces go together. So, if you are unhappy with your lighting fixtures then, by all means, go ahead and change them. Installing them is easy enough that you will have no trouble doing it by yourself.


Gardening and Landscaping

We highly recommend that all homeowners try their hand in gardening and landscaping.A little splash of green on one’s property never hurts. Trimmed green grass, nice looking trees, and well-controlled shrubs all add up to a beautiful looking yard. It may seem like hard work at first, but believe us, it certainly has its rewards.


These are just a few home improvement ideas that anyone can enjoy. We recommend that you dip your toes in all of them. After all, it couldn’t hurt, and you have all the time in the world to make all the change you want.


New Technology for All Ages

At first glance, the latest trends and developments in technology may seem intimidating, or even overwhelming. You may even dismiss it as something that is exclusive to the younger generations.However, you are missing out if you do not at least explore the possibilities being offered by the latest technological developments. They can significantly improve your quality of life. Believe us when we say that there is new technology that perfectly fits your needs.


Technology for Medical Use

Perhaps the most obvious use of technology for elders focuses on the field of medicine and personal care. This would include emergency response systems wherein the user wears the console as part of their attire. In cases of emergency, the wearer need only press the buttons in order to notify emergency services of their situation. There are many different settings, encompassing events like fires or accidents.

Of course, there are also remote care applications that enable your loved ones to monitor your conditions. Any fluctuations and abnormalities in your vitals will result in the application sending out an urgent notification. This is extremely helpful as your doctors can also monitor your health data in real time. These devices can even be set to remind you when you need to take medications reminders.


Recreational Uses of Technology

Of course, we would be remiss if we do not delve into the many recreational uses of technology. While the previous section talked about how technology can help prolong your life, this section will mainly focus on how it can improve its quality. After all, we are not truly living if we are not having fun.

These applications are designed to help you improve your quality of life. These specifically address the different aspects of life that we often take for granted.

  • Meeting New People – No matter your age, the need for meaningful companionship remains a basic human need. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can easily set in during old age. This is precisely the reason why elders need to actively widen their circles. While dating is the first thing that comes to mind, romantic relationships are but one type of companionship. It cannot be stressed enough that there are also many kinds of applications and websites out there that help you find friends of common interests.
  • Communicating with your Loved Ones – We are now living in an age where we have gone beyond the simple phone call. Nowadays, you can have face-to-face conversations with your loved ones using any of the free video call programs for your computer, laptop, or phone.
  • Becoming Healthy and Fit – Physical fitness is an important aspect of living a healthy life. Luckily, there are now different applications coming in the form wearable gadgets that can help guide and monitor your progress. Not only do they look stylish, but these accessories also help you keep track of your performance.

As we get older, we should not become afraid of change. This is because changes can often lead to broader horizons. As shown in this article, the latest developments in technology can dramatically improve your quality of life.

bored and nap while fishing

What to do when you’re bored as a senior

There’s no age to get bored. Everyone has the right to find a long time without a well-defined activity or occupation, even more so when you retire. So to give...
no age to be healthy

How To Be Healthier And Stronger In Old Age

Being old is something to be proud of, considering the blessing and a lot that you have seen in the world. In this article you will find tips on how...
an elderly couple using a macintosh

Elders and Personal Computers

The Internet is becoming more and more widespread in our daily lives: a tool for communication, information, online shopping, online administration. You also want to offer a senior, a computer,...